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Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad's
Number 38, "B.W. Moore"

Number 38, and Alco RS-1, built in 1947 was named for Buren Wiley "Bill" Moore who was
Construction Engineer on the Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad during it formative years,
1961 to 1963. B.W. Moore later became Operating Superintendent of the C.I.R.R., the position
that he held until his untimely passing on September 12, 1976.
Chestnut Ridge Railway Company's
"Mack Rail Bus Number 51"

Mack Rail Bus #51, Model 'AB' was built in 1922 and acquired by the Chestnut Ridge Railway
in 1925. It was used to haul Passengers, Mail and Express from Palmerton to Kunkletown,
Pennsylvania until 1935 at which time it was converted for Maintenance-Of-Way Service. On
October 11, 1977 we find #51 in the yards at Palmerton awaiting the Section Gang.

Carbon County Railway Company's
"Units Number 1201 & 1202"

Units Number 1201 and 1202 of the Carbon County Railway await a call on April 22, 1977. The
Carbon County Railway operates between East Carbon, Utah and Columbia Junction, Utah, where
it connects with the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad.
Central New York Railroad Corporation's
"Unit Number 101"

Unit Number 101, an Alco RS-3, as viewed at Bridgewater, New York on October 20, 1977. The
Central New York Railroad is one of our Nation's Newer Short Lines with Operations beginning
in December, 1973.

Springfield Terminal Railway Company's
"Unit Number 1"

Number 1, a General Electric 44 Tonner, as viewed doing switching duties at Charlestown,
New Hampshire on October 19, 1977. The Springfield Terminal Railway provides irregular
freight service betweenCharlestown, New Hampshire and Springfield, Vermont.
The Panama Limited

"The Panama Limited", Illinois Central Railroad's famed Chicago -- New Orleans Name Passenger
Train as seen in Louisiana headed towards New Orleans in the late 1950's. The Illinois
Central Railroad ran a number of Streamliners during the Post-World War II heyday of
American Passenger Travel.

The Oklahoman

Frisco's "Oklahoman" seen Westbound, approximately 20 miles West of St. Louis, on its run
to Tulsa and Oklahoma City. The "Oklahoman" was Frisco's last Name Train on its East-West
Mainline from St. Louis. The Red Frisco Passenger Diesels were notable for the fact that
each was named for a famous Race Horse.
The Grand Canyon

Santa Fe's "Grand Canyon" is viewed Westbound at Chillicothe, Illinois in its final period
of operation. In charge of this train are two of the famous Alco PA Diesels, this Train being
their last regular run after twenty years of pulling the famous Silver Fleet of Santa Fe Name

The Santa Fe Chief

And yet another of the Santa Fe's Name Train Streamliners, "The Chief" with its War Bonnet
Design is viewed near Valentine, Arizona, Westbound for the Pacific Coast.
The Super CHief and The San Diegan

Two of the Santa Fe's Name Passenger Trains, "The Super Chief" and "The San Diegan", are
viewed at Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal awaiting their departure.

Delaware & Hudson Railway's Sesquicentennial
1823 - 1973
A Delaware & Hudson Anniversary Celebration special, using Ex-Reading Steam Locomotive Number
2102, as it crosses the Mohawk River. The Delaware & Hudson Canal Company was founded in 1823
and in 1829 operated the first Steam Locomotive in The United States, the British built
"Stourbridge Lion".
  MJ092 32631
[MJ092 32631]
New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad's
Locomotive Number 3341

New Haven's Mountain Type Locomotive (4-8-2) Number 3341 lays over at Framingham,
Massachusetts on June 11, 1949.

MJ095 32618
[MJ095 32618]
Canadian Pacific Railway

Canadian Pacific's Pacific Type Locomotive (4-6-2) Number 2628 and Snow Plow clear the
Yard at Houlton, Maine in February of 1960 just days before complete Dieselization took
place on this road.
  MJ097 32619
[MJ097 32619]
Central Vermont Railway's
Locomotive Number 707

Central Vermont's Texas Type Locomotive (2-10-4) Number 707 pounds Southbound at Randolph,
Vermont in August of 1953. These massive Locomotives operated between St. Albans and
White River Junction. Steam Operation lasted in 1956 on the Central Vermont Railway.